Application Tips

Are you ready? Get set and apply!

As you fill out your ApplyTexas Application, you may have some questions along the way. We’ve taken some of the most frequently asked questions from students and created a guide to help you through the process.


What you need to know

  • County of residence (e.g. If you live in San Antonio, your county is Bexar County)

  • If you are on a visa, your visa type or Permanent Resident Alien Number

  • Your social security number to apply for financial aid

  • Your personal email address

  • Your full legal name
    (Hint: Use the same name on every document you sign or form you fill out, including ApplyTexas and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid [FAFSA] to avoid delays in processing).

You'll also need to know your student type. Not sure? Here is some information to guide you.


Have Never Attended College

High School Graduate
  • You graduated, or will have graduated, from high school before starting college AND/OR

  • You were in a Dual Credit program and graduated high school before enrolling in college
  • You earned a GED before starting college
Home School Graduate
  • You completed, or will have completed, the curriculum for your home school diploma
Individual Approval
  • You are 18 years or older AND
  • You do not have a high school diploma or GED AND
  • You have been approved approval from Admissions and Records
Dual Credit/ECHS/PTECH
  • You want college credit for certain high school courses AND
  • You are already enrolled in those courses

Have Attended College

College Transfer, Degree-Seeking
  • You previously attended another college

  • You are seeking a degree
College Transfer, Not degree-seeking
  • You previously attended another college AND
  • You are not seeking a degree
  • You are enrolled at another college or university AND
  • Plan to take courses at the Alamo Colleges District for only one semester
Readmission from Prior Semester
  • You previously attended one or more of the Alamo Colleges AND
  • You have not enrolled within the past 12 months at any college or university


What you need to do: 10 steps to filling out your application

  1. Create an ApplyTexas account at

    Hint: Already have an account? Log in using those credentials.
  1. Fill out your profile section – you only need to do this once.

  2. Click on ‘Start a New Blank Application’ and create a new 2-year college admissions application.

  3. Select the semester you plan to start attending and your Pre-major or Major.

    Hint: If you’re still deciding on a major, click ‘Liberal Arts/AA.’
  1. Fill out the Biographical Information section.

    Hint: This is where you’ll need your Social Security Number.
  1. Fill out the Educational Background section by adding all schools you have attended, including Dual Credit. You can do this by searching for schools using the ‘Find your high school’ button.

    Hint: If your school doesn’t appear, select ‘School not found.’

  2. Remember the student type you selected before you began? In the Educational Information section, you’ll need to select your Student Type.

  3. Next, you’ll fill out the ‘Residency’ section. This is how your tuition rate is determined so remember to read each question carefully.

  4. Alamo Colleges District has two questions for you to answer in this next section: Will you be attending all your classes online and are you a high school senior who is part of the ‘College Connection’ program?

  5. Finally, you’ll check the box on the ‘Certification of Information’ section to confirm you’ve completed everything. Congrats! You’re finished.

    Hint: If you see confetti, you've completed your application. Write down your application ID number in case you need it again.

We hope this guide helped you through the application. If you had any trouble or have additional questions, reach out to your college’s Welcome Center for help.

Hint: We’re here to help you with any of your questions, but we’ve found that many students have questions about their residency so reach out to us if you aren’t sure what you should respond in this section.


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San Antonio College


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